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Well-Equipped Infrastructure with Advanced Tools & Equipment

Implementing professional workmanship methodologies will also require the latest innovative tools & equipment in order to achieve the ultimate results. Hence, Waxson always seek for the best solution and establishing well-equipped infrastructure & innovative detailing tools application such as Infrared Treatment Room for car coating procedure, RUPES Polishing Machine for paintwork restoration, Polti Sani System from Italy with Medical Grade Class 2A & Hot Steam Cleaning for interior disinfection.


Rupes has been a leader in the manufacturing of innovative power tools since 1947 where all tools are computer designed and tailored to each respective market’s demands. As a professional random orbital polisher, Rupes effectively removes swirl marks, scratches, holograms, watermarks as well as acid etchings caused by bird droppings and bugs remains.

Infrared Treatment Room at Waxson Shorten Coating Curing Cycle

This well-equipped Infrared Treatment Room is specially developed & designed for car coating curing cycle. The Short Wave Infrared will shorten the curing cycle during the coating process and prevent premature coating problem for long-term protection.

Deep Cleaning AND SANITIZATION Solution

Hot Steam Cleaning Solution

Our Hot Steam cleaning machine steam cleans & vacuums with water as it combines the sanitizing action of steam with the effectiveness of filtered water vacuuming. It will deep clean all surfaces, remove all dust, dust mites, leaving behind only clean air.

Hot Steam Sani System

We use the Steam Disinfector to further protect against viruses, bacteria, fungi & dust mites by drastically limiting the risk of infection from contamination of surfaces. It is applied with a sanitizing solution (HPMed), which is able to reach even the most inaccessible corners of any surfaces. It reduces the microbial load and prevents many of the diseases associated with biological pollution, ensuring a high level of sanitization. Kindly refer to the Clinical Studies for HPMed..


Spraying the surface with SmartCoat which contains Titanium Dioxide (TiO2) will decompose anything organic in nature (eg microorganisms such as bacteria, viruses, funguses) that it comes into contact with. Its hardness could reach the maximum 4H (pencil hardness) in just a few minutes, which is even harder than the paint used on automobiles.

Apply SmartCoat after deep cleaning for an added layer of protection against any bacteria or viruses in a GERM FREE environment.