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Polti Hot Steam Cleaning

Polti steam for DISINFECTION is dry superheated saturated steam, almost entirely without liquid particles.

Steam is heated up to a temperature of 180°C by the Polti Sani System.
The system eliminates bacteria, fungi and viruses in seconds, reducing the risk of contamination.

Polti Hot Steam Cleaning

What makes this system unusual is the steam, generated in the boiler under high pressure and then heated to a high temperature in an expansion chamber (a world-wide Polti patent). During the process the steam acquires heat and, at the same time, the quantity of moisture in it is reduced to near zero.

Steam is automatically mixed with HPMed sanitiser as it is released. HPMed is dermatologically tested, and the mixture of steam and HPMed can even be sprayed when there are people in the room.


Polti S.p.A. is the exclusive manufacturer of HPMed, the professional sanitising solution. HPMed is a cleaner, acting as an adjuvant to the sanitising action of steam.

The dry over-heated steam produced by Sani System becomes the ideal “vehicle” for the sanitising solution HPMed, being able to reach even the most inaccessible corners of any surface.

Thanks to its properties, HPMed is also able to eliminate unpleasant smells.

HPMed has been subjected to skin tests. In addition, the mixture of steam and HPMed can be released in the presence of people.